Healthy snacks

We all know that feeling when you are kind of hungry but not really. You wouldn’t opt for some substantial meal or even an avo-toast (not that it’s not substantial 😊). Maybe you just need a little pick me up to go with your coffee (or tea if you prefer). I got you covered. No need to reach for that naughty KIT-KAT bar seating in your draw, you can actually have a tasty and filling snack without feeling lethargic afterwards (that’s what it does to me ☹). So, let’s get to it.

My first choice for a snack are always apples. But sometimes it’s just not enough, and then comes peanut butter (basically anything with it, even the mentioned KIT-KAT 😊). So, my recent favourites are energy balls. The recipe is by amazing Dr Hazel Wallace from The Food Medic (check out her book! It’s food-changing!). For this snack you most likely already have everything in your cupboards and fridge as there is nothing fancy in there (we all know those recipes for which you have to spend a quid in some health store to even get started).

No-bake Cinnamon Oatmeal Energy Balls

Dry ingredients:

100g Oats

1tbsp Chia Seeds

2tsp Cinnamon

40g Raisins

Just pop everything in a bowl, stir together and set aside.

Wet ingredients:

1tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)

50g Honey

50g Peanut Butter

Mix all the wet ingredients until they are combined. Than pour the wet mixture into the bowl with dry ingredientsand give it a good stir. Depending on your preferencies you can add a bit more honey (if it looks too dry) or more oats (if its too liquidy). Now that we got our mixture nice and sticky we can roll about 10-12 balls, put them on a baking tray lined with baking paper and leave in the fridge for around 30 minutes to let them stiffen. Enjoy!odsa1Tu30TU

Now we all can seatback and relax as that was the most complicated thing (I’m not a fan of spending my whole day dancing around the kitchen).

So, the 2nd brilliant combination combines the 2 things I’ve already mentioned. Yep, you guessed: it’s an apple-and-peanut-butter “sandwich” (my favourite one is with Granny Smith apples). It combines that thick and gooey peanut butter consistency with freshness, juiciness and a bit of sourness of apples. Yum!_D8HpSOzU6k

By the way, peanut butter can be swapped for any other one if you like (almond, hazelnut, cashew…you name it).

If you are not a fan of any butter (I’ll never get that), but you want smth a bit different to just chewing an apple, you can slice it and sprinkle with some cinnamon, chia or both 😊.fK9ScXrQPeE

And please do not forget how amazing are frozen berries. My personal favourites include but are not limited to cherries, strawberries, blackberries and grapes. 9-o3oZlejWI

Hopefully, I have reminded you about some ways to vary your snacks (I bet you’ve already heard about all of these at some point). Any feedback is welcome and I’m always looking for new snack ideas, so feel free to leave a comment down below or message me on Twitter or Instagram.


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